Modern education is channelized to tune the younger generations,
to create them as leaders of tomorrow.
To focus on ‘Balanced Education’ and imbibe
the holistic education for physical, linguistic, social,
emotional and cognitive learning,
NPS is committed to the creation of world class champions by
channelizing students in physical, intellectual,
social and spiritual energies to excel in the service of the global community.
The school is committed to transform every child into
a socially committed, professionally competent and emotionally matured individual.
Each pupil is encouraged to think creatively, question actively and
be curious through enquiry based learning,
thus nurturing individually and inventive thinking and to rejoice in
his or her cultural ethos while encampassing a global perspective.


  • To achieve and stimulate all round development of the child and life time love
    for learning in NPS.
  • To develop physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual fitness.
  • To enhance self dependency and create team spirit that nurtures individual
    and group excellence.
  • To provide and enhance the process of learning.
  • To foster human values that helps the child to face the challenges of life independently.
  • To provide a modern approach towards learning.
  • To foster the intellectual curiosity for the modern learners.
  • To develop a theme based curriculum learning that encampasses the modern learning.
  • To create and develop interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach towards learning.
  • To modernize the learning techniques using Information Technology.


Every child is unique.
Areas of development focus the child in preparing
for all round development in the holistic setup of education.
Holistic development prepares the child for
multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning.

  • To focus on the learning techniques in accomplishing
    the child in physical, linguistic, social, emotional
    and cognitive development.
  • To prepare for stress free learning.
  • To equip for asset based model approach.
  • To promote¬† concept learning.

CBSE Circulars